moving your loved one into a nursing home

moving your loved one into a nursing home

  • Home Care Is What Your Loved One Needs: Here's Why

    As your loved one starts to age or become more dependent due to injury or illness, it's time to start thinking about home care. Home care is beneficial for everyone and for your loved one most of all. Discuss home care options with your family and your loved one, and reach out to a nursing home or assisted living specialist to learn more about home health, including what it costs, what insurance coverage there may be for the services, and more.

  • Options In Senior Healthcare Services You May Need To Consider For Your Elderly Parent

    If your elderly parent has health problems that require monitoring and ongoing treatment, you may be looking into options for senior healthcare. In addition to considering the type of care your parent needs, also think about whether they are safe staying at home or if it's time to move into an assisted living center or nursing home. Here are some ways to help determine the right type of care your parent needs.

  • Why Make The Move To Senior Living?

    Senior living communities come in many forms, but one thing is the same between all of them: They can be very beneficial to the health of an aging parent. They Provide Excellent Resources Senior living communities are designed with aging adults in mind, which means that they can almost anticipate your parent's needs before they have them. Living in a mixed-age community, it may be harder to get added to service programs such as senior meal programs, community ride sharing and other social services directed at seniors.

  • Grandkids Coming For A Visit? 3 Ways To Keep Them Entertained In Your New Senior Community

    There is something so exciting about having your grandkids visit. Yet, it can be challenging keeping all that energy contained. Fortunately, you can entertain your grandkids and create beautiful memories by using these ideas that will have them begging to come back to visit you in your new senior living community. Read a Chapter Book Kids love hearing stories, and you can teach your grandkids the joy of reading by stashing a few chapter books on your shelf.

  • How To Make A Room Or Senior Suite In An Assisted-Living Community Elder-Friendly

    An assisted-living community may provide a safer environment for an aging loved one, but moving from a home to senior living generally involves significant down-sizing. That doesn't mean that a smaller space can't look and feel like home. A smaller living space can be safer and more convenient yet comfortable and appealing. Transitioning from a large home to assisted- living simply takes thoughtful planning and useful tips on how best to utilize the space and optimize safety.

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    moving your loved one into a nursing home

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